Bridal plan

・Travel wedding plan = € 1000〜

Traveling abroad is an average of € 1000 for preparation of hair and make up of destination weddings. Portraits of hair and make up start at € 350.

1 style Bridal plan = € 350〜

This plan is go to your wedding place or location where prepare a hair & make-up. (round traveling time is within 2 hours) I can stay at location 2 hours and make 1 hair styling and 1 make up. If it takes over 2 hours round trip or I stay over 2 hours, it takes 1 hour=€ 80.

・Rehearsal(s) = € 170〜

In rehearsal, it is important to see if you can match your chosen dress. In order to be able to leave the styling and makeup of the day with confidence, we will make hair styling and makeup two weeks before the ceremony. It will take 2 hours for hair styling and makeup. If it takes more than 2 hours, it may take an extension fee, so we will decide on the style and makeup we want in advance, keeping in touch. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me here!



・出張 Bridal plan = ¥66,000〜


1 style Bridal plan = ¥42,000〜

こちらのプランは現地でのヘアメイクを1スタイル作らせていただくプランです。 往復2時間の移動が可能です。もし2時間以上かかる場合は1時間=9,600円の税別料金がかかって参ります。

・リハーサル = ¥20,400