Kae Kosugi 

Hair stylist and makeup Artist         

She has her own senses  and passion professional Hairstylist with over 13 years experiences from Japan.

The senses come from making hairstyles and makeup spending closer fashion industry, watching arts, movies, pursuit of foods, etc..  She started hairdresser at LIM hair in Osaka,  works 5years in Osaka and 6years in Tokyo as well. Also she has been involved in the work of opening of new stores, focusing on interior design, concept, and shop creation. Since she was in her twenties, she wanted to go abroad, so she moved to Netherlands alone in June 2018, and now she independent as KAE hair.

Now she is freelance Hairstylist  and Make-up artist following her passion.Also she enjoys happen synchronicity every days going and back between Rotterdam and Düsseldorf, or some places.

As a hair and makeup artist, magazines advertising, and Paris collection. 

Besides Rotterdam Kae is working 2 days (Fri & Sat 3rd and 4th week) in Düsseldorf, Germany .

She is also accepting the request of Hair & Make-up for special occasions such as weddings!


 美容師 ヘアメイクアップアーティスト 


小杉かえは大阪のLIM hairというサロンで美容師の経験をスタートさせました。美容師として13年以上の経験があり、彼女は独自のセエンスと情熱を持ち合わせています。日本では大阪で5年、東京の支店 (LIMhair) で6年勤務しました。

2018年6月単身でオランダへ移住、現在は KAE hairとして独立、ロッテルダムとドゥッセルドルフを拠点に活躍をし、幾つかの場所を行き来することで起こるシンクロニシティーを日々楽しんでいます。


Rotterdamをベースに活動し、ドイツのDüsseldorf でも 3,4 週目の(木曜、金曜)サロンワークをしています。






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